All about your money

The following paragraphs are a result of my observations while researching and reading about You and your money. I found it a complex piece of literature. However, I can see why it is so important. It gives a comprehensive explanation of how money really works in your life and from where you should get money, so you can try Bridging Your Finances.

The material, You and Your Money, is written by a famous American investor, John Templeton. He was born in Yorkshire and educated at Bowdon School in Leeds.

Templeton has an interest in education and the book is about some of the different types of investment he has put together. However, the material in this book is about using the investment to create wealth in your life.

The first few chapters give a description of the market, and how it operates. It is a market that I call the Private Investor Market. It is a market that exists only within the confines of your own mind.

One of the chapters explains that the market operates on the information. Information that is derived from your own thinking and actions. In other words, all of your life experiences are used to help you place your financial future.

If you do not control your thinking you will be in control of your money. This means that if you do not educate yourself, then you will not control your own life. Without control you will be in a negative feedback loop where you cannot change anything.

You and your money to start with an attitude shift

You can learn to determine which way you will spend your money, which will help you determine how much money you will have.

To have self-control you must gain awareness. This awareness is one of the key elements of the book. It is an important factor in placing your life in a positive feedback loop.

You and your money are an expression of your beliefs

Your personal beliefs are derived from previous experiences and beliefs. They are about your emotional reactions to experiences and reactions that are based on beliefs about life.

All your personal experiences about life will be in your subconscious mind. This subconscious mind is one of the most powerful motivators in your life.

Once you take control of your life and your beliefs, you can change your psychological state. This change can be a massive shift. This change, can change your self-worth and allow you to make a huge impact on your life.

You and your money can change your life. Change your belief system and thoughts, and take control of your life.

You and Your Money